Friday, June 26, 2009

Demoreel '09

Kenneth S. Coker Demo Reel 09 from Kenneth Coker on Vimeo.

I finished my demoreel just in time for the end of the month. It spans the best of the cg work I've done over the last three years. Hopefully, this will be the key to getting a decent job in the animation/ videogame industry. The Shot Breakdown is here. Critiques would be much appreciated.


Unknown said...

Awesome job on your reel, Kenneth. The modeling stuff looks great. I'd say cut it down though. I've been told by multiple experienced people that reels should be about 1 minute long, maybe 2 if you've got lots of awesome stuff. Keep it up!

Shof Coker said...

Thanks Matt, and yea I have been meaning to cut it down (remove the animation bits). I'm working on a streamlined version with some newer models. Hopefully I'll be able to upload it by the end of the month.