Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Luta Continua

'A luta continua' is a Portuguese phrase the translates roughly to 'the struggle continues.' The co-director for Liyana, Aaron Kopp adopted it as a rallying call for us, 'A Luta Continua.' Of course it's a lovely Miriam Makeba song as well.

My work on Liyana is winding down and this past week marked a major milestone in the production of the animation of the project. It's a surreal feeling to reach this point on what has been the most creatively fulfilling project I've worked on. It was equal parts challenging and rewarding and worthwhile in ways that I haven't processed yet. The team and I have high hopes for the story's outreach, but personally, right now I feel a deep sense of relief and pride for doing something so worthwhile with my career. The loved ones in my life that supported me along the way, and Aaron and Amanda cannot be appreciated enough.

Unfortunately, I can't show any artwork just yet. You can check out updates on the Liyana site. Of course, I too hope to soon post updates along with some insight into the production over those 2 years.