Monday, June 19, 2017

Liyana Premiere

June 06.17.17 
A SOLD OUT show at the LA Film Festival in Culver City!
And what a happy and memorable day it was to share. Liyana's journey into the world has just begun.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


In anticipation of sharing some new work on the horizon, I'm trying to clean out the cobwebs here. I posted an illustration and interior pages of Light, Sweet, Crude ages ago.The first chapter was completed along with an entire script that went through many careful workshops and revisions, and with the help of an agent we shopped it around to publishers to some interest. The fires died ebbed though, and we weren't able to sustain our efforts and finish a promising adventure. I've come to understand this is quite common to experience in any creative endeavor for many reasons. Most of the time, a project like this lives and dies on the collective passion of it's creators to see it through to fruition. Commitment and the knowledge of how to manage my energy to sustain those projects is probably the biggest lesson I've experienced over the years. I never know how to fully give up on ideas so maybe sometime in the future, when the stars align, aye? At the very least, I'll publish that forgotten chapter.

Anyway, a lot has happened to me and my career in the past 3 years,  and I'm looking forward to finally sharing some of my work on Liyana soon! I'm so proud and excited by what we accomplished together on that team. Oh, and since my last post, I've been working at a new studio called Jam City developing mobile games as an Art Lead for the past  year now too. Cheers to new colleagues and friends making cheery games. We should be releasing our new game, Cookie Jam soon 😉