Monday, March 31, 2014

Denarii Sculpt

This is the the sculpt of Denarii I mentioned earlier. The final step will be a 7 inch, 3d printed figure produced as a reward for one of the tiers of our Kickstarter campaign for the Outcasts of Jupiter comic. Here are some of Shobo's words to describe the character:
'Powerful and ruthlessly efficient, all wired energy and tension, Denarii is gifted with absolute fearlessness and the unique ability to infiltrate just about any structure with extreme efficiency.
Shof designed him as a man of Afar ancestry. Denarii is a descendant of the once great Kush empire in Northern Africa, where the Blue and White Nile's meet.  He is quiet, noble, and kind, with a strict personal code of honor and a character stained by a black temper and a weakness for drink. 
A man of few words, he prefers action to chatter and harbors a strong dislike of the facade of modern civilization.
If Sulesh is the brains of the group, Denarii is its conscience, its beating heart, its compassion and its instrument of swift, terrible justice.'

Here are some sketches I based the model on as well as turnarounds. If you'd like to see some WIP images, head over to the Coker CoOp blog for an excellent read on this sculpt's progression from an idea to a fully fledged 3d character. Seeing the WIP images collected in one spot, it is astounding to see how much the character evolved. Enjoy!

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