Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outcasts of Jupiter Kickstarter!

Hey everybody! We launched our Kickstarter today for our very exciting science fiction comic, Outcasts of Jupiter. Shobo, Funlola and I couldn't be more excited!
Outcasts of Jupiter is a new, scifi adventure comic written by Shobo Coker and drawn by Shofela Coker. Our story takes place on Earth, in 3125, in the fictional City of Seven Faces, a visually and culturally rich cliff side city in our version of Morocco. The exotic City of Seven Faces is a mysterious place, full of strange secrets, slavers, gangsters and wanted criminals.

You can visit the Kickstarter here!

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Unknown said...

Every Kickstarter is a work of passion, but few have the honor of being a family project like Outcasts of Jupiter. Very excited about this science fiction comic!
Eric Hartman